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  • Under pressure

    Though the history of French Jews has been complicated and sometimes tense, that’s no reason for American Jews to avoid the country. Just ask Toni Kamins, the author of "The Complete Jewish Guide to France" and a similar travel book about Britain and Ireland. A longtime Francophile and former observant Jew, Kamins decided to release her travel…

  • Canadian DJ finds audience for klezmer fusion in France

    Montreal-based DJ Josh Dolgin’s eclectic blend of klezmer and hip-hop is striking a chord with audiences in France.

  • Interfaith, in the kitchen

    Michelle Gabison isn’t trying to do anything groundbreaking, but the interfaith cooperation on display at La Marina, the kosher restaurant she runs with her husband in the ethnically diverse Parisian neighborhood of Pantin, isn’t as common as you’d think. Gabison, a Tunisian Jew who has run the restaurant with her husband for four years, employs…

  • How to use Facebook to build friendships between French Muslims and Jews

    Using social networking, a group called Shalom | Paix | Salam is trying to change the nature of the relationship between Jews and Muslims in France — one that is marked more by friction and conflict than by friendship — without shying away from the tough issues.

  • The magic of Le Marais

    After two weeks in Paris – including a reporting trip to Amsterdam and a personal weekend in Lyon – I finally visited Le Marais, Paris’s iconic Jewish neighborhood. Though larger, newer Jewish communities have cropped up in other Paris neighborhoods like Belleville and Pantin, Le Marais is still the historical center of the city’s yiddishkeit….

  • Jewish member to sue British academic union

    A Jewish member of Britain’s University and College Union is suing the academic group for what he alleges is a pattern of anti-Semitic harassment.

  • Reject unilateral Palestinian statehood, European Parliament members urge EU

    More than 100 members of the European Parliament signed a letter urging the European Union to reject the unilateral Palestinian bid for statehood.

  • Workers of the world, unite!

    I finally feel plugged into the Paris Jewish community – meeting people and attending events will do that for you. One of the most fascinating people I met at the Shalom | Paix | Salam picnic I attended on Sunday was Lise Amiel-Gutmann, a journalist for Judaiques FM, one of Paris’s four Jewish radio stations….

  • A Jewish tourist’s guide to Amsterdam

    I recently returned to Paris from a four-day reporting trip to Amsterdam to cover a story about a proposed Dutch shechitah ban. It was my first time in Holland, and I was struck by the city’s warmth and beauty and by the way it seems to gleefully dart back and forth between the seedy and…

  • Shechitah under attack in Holland

    Take a look at my latest story, examining a controversial proposed shechitah ban in the Netherlands. And check this blog soon for tips on Jewish tourism in Amsterdam — from the Anne Frank House to attractions off the beaten track.