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  • Radical rabbi may be in Brazil

    A radical Israeli rabbi alleged to have led followers to commit horrific acts of child abuse is believed to be hiding in Brazil.

  • Groups laud candidates on Darfur statement

    Jewish groups praised the three major presidential candidates for jointly calling on Sudan to end genocide in Darfur.

  • Chinese benefit from Israeli expertise

    Some 50 Chinese participants came to the Israeli Embassy in Beijing last week to mark 16 years of China’s involvement in Mashav, the program established by Golda Meir to share Israeli know-how with the developing world.

  • Israel’s 60th at the Apollo

    Israel’s 60th anniversary was celebrated at Harlem’s famed Apollo Theater.

  • Kadima ministers circumspect on Golan

    Most of Ehud Olmert’s top Kadima Party colleagues would oppose ceding the Golan Heights in a peace deal with Syria.

  • Carter: Israel has 150 nukes

    Jimmy Carter, in violation of a decades-old U.S. policy, publicly acknowledged that Israel has nuclear weapons.

  • Israel sends aid to China

    Israel is sending dozens of tons of aid supplies to China to provide relief for the earthquake there that killed tens of thousands. Two Israelis injured in the quake said they were touched by Chinese rescue efforts.

  • Wolf Prize winner donates to Palestinians

    An American mathematician who won a prestigious Israeli prize donated the proceeds to Palestinian academia.

  • Nazi memorabilia removed from Australian market

    Nazi memorabilia was removed from a market in an Australian country town following complaints from local Jews.

  • Shekel now international currency

    Israel’s currency, the shekel, is now legal tender internationally.