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  • Are you a ‘Cool Jew’?

    “When you’re a Heebster, you don’t have to work hard to be cool, you just have to be proud to be a Jew,” says journalist Lisa Alcalay Klug, the author of the new how-to book “Cool Jew.”

  • Where hippies go to die (and daven?)

    The Jewish community in this small town of 9,000 renown for its artistic individualism – “The place old hippies come to die” – is experiencing something of a boom with 65 unit-members belonging to the local chavurah, more than 80 people at its Passover

  • The mystery of two Port Townsend Jews

    Two of Port Townsend’s first Jews came to mysterious ends – one by his own hand, the other simply disappeared.

  • Bush proposes major hike in Jordan aid

    The Bush administration proposed increasing aid to Jordan by about 50 percent.

  • Israeli officer declared deserter

    An Israeli Air Force officer in possession of sensitive information was declared a deserter.

  • Jewish school heads talk education

    The three heads of the leading Jewish seminaries discussed the challenges of teaching a new generation of Jews in a session that stepped outside the overriding focus on Israel at the UJC’s General Assembly.

  • In search of scrolls at Auschwitz

    Two Israelis will excavate a site at Auschwitz they believe contains Torah scrolls and other religious artifacts buried before the Holocaust.

  • Summit explores ‘road map´ alternatives

    A conference of neo-conservative and right-wing Israeli thinkers presented a forum for alternatives to the "road map" peace plan — and also underscored growing ties between evangelical Christians and conservative Jews.