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  • Op-Ed: Daf Yomi gathering unites Jews of all stripes

    The massive gathering to celebrate the culmination of the 7 1/2-year cycle of page-a-day Talmud study is a manifestation of Jewish unity, writes an Agudath Israel of America leader.

  • Op-Ed: Magen Tzedek seal engaging in a kashrut cover-up

    An Agudath Israel of America official writes that the new Magen Tzedek certification seal for kosher food products, which purports to champion ethics, really is trying to change the definition of kashrut.

  • Op-Ed: Emanuel school furor about religiosity, not ethnic segregation

    Contrary to the way most media have portrayed the story, the issue in Emanuel was the concerns of haredi parents for the tenor of their children’s educations, not discrimination against Sephardic Jews, Rabbi Avi Shafran argues.

  • Op-Ed: Let’s work to end uncouth behavior all around

    The director of public affairs of Agudath Israel of America argues that liberal activists sometimes provide a misleading picture of the complex issues involving gender and religion in Israel.

  • Op-Ed: Rioters promote baseless hatred of haredim

    The actions of recent rioters in Jerusalem evoked disgust in Jews the world over, some of whom will generalize from the rioters’ bad example and bear ill will toward haredim as a group, Agudah’s Rabbi Avi Shafran writes.