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is JTA's Israel correspondent.


  • Israelis treating Syria’s wounded confront complex injuries, cultural gaps

    Israeli medical personnel say that while they’re happy to treat those injured in the Syrian civil war, the patients pose a unique set of challenges.

  • Lapid: Freeze settlements, don’t release prisoners

    In an interview with JTA, the head of the centrist Yesh Atid party said he would leave the governing coalition if all options were not pursued to advance the peace process.

  • Danny Danon’s warning to Bibi

    Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon warns that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could lose the support of his Likud party.

  • Why does Netanyahu want to keep negotiating?

    Does Israel’s prime minister see talks as a means of buying time, or as a chance to achieve a deal?

  • Top 10 Rolling Stones Shavuot songs

    If you don’t travel on Shavuot and can’t see the Rolling Stones in Tel Aviv, we have the next best thing.

  • What does Adelson buying another newspaper mean for Israeli media?

    With his recent acquisition of Makor Rishon, Sheldon Adelson now owns Israel’s major right-wing media outlets and two of the country’s four major newspapers.

  • The verdict on Ehud Olmert

    The former prime minister’s bribery conviction has demolished his personal reputation, but his political legacy was already in tatters.

  • Netanyahu’s time for choosing

    Palestinians are demanding the release of more prisoners, but right-wing members of Israel’s governing coalition say ‘no way.’

  • A portrait of the strongman as a young judoka

    Mina Yuditskaya, a 93-year-old Soviet emigre in Israel, likes dishing about her former student, Vladimir Putin. Just don’t ask her about his politics.

  • A year on, Israeli team of rivals rules Netanyahu’s coalition

    In the year that Israel’s coalition government has been in office, the smaller parties have driven much of the agenda, not the prime minister.