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  • Romney: Iran hawk, bipartisan governor

    Mitt Romney’s pitch to Jewish voters breaks downs into three components: His tough line on Iran; his record as a Republican governor who worked well with Democrats; and his belonging to an often misunderstood religious minority.

  • McCain enjoys diverse Jewish support

    John McCain’s reputation as a maverick holds true in the Jewish world, where his list of supporters spans the political spectrum.

  • Art tackles ‘Jewish disorders

    Many genetic diseases long believed to primarily affect Jews cast a wider ethnic path, a Washington exhibit shows.

  • Christmas resolution renews debate

    A seemingly benign U.S. congressional resolution supporting Christmas has become the latest fodder in the debate over whether America is a “Christian nation.”

  • Jews persecuted in past meet Bush

    President Bush used his annual Chanukah meeting with Jewish leaders to invite figures who had experienced persecution throughout the world.

  • Herzl’s grandson reburied in Israel

    More than half a century after taking his own life, Theodor Herzl’s only grandson is being reburied in Israel.

  • RJC-linked think tank targets Olmert

    A think tank affiliated with the Republican Jewish Coalition launched a broadside against Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, an unusual attack from a segment of the American Jewish community that has been unstintingly uncritical of Israel.

  • Ron Paul’s tiny Jewish following

    Most Jewish organizations reject Ron Paul’s call for an end to foreign aid. But a small contingent of Jews see it as an important step in making sure Israel isn’t pushed around by the United States.

  • Push on to override S-CHIP veto

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised she would haunt President Bush “again and again and again” with children’s health insurance legislation, and Jewish groups have joined the ghostly chorus.

  • Book slams Rice on Mideast issues

    A new book about U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice offers criticisms of her handling of Israeli-Palestinian affairs and other Middle East issues.