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  • Canadian Jews split on same-sex marriage

    Canada’s Jewish community is divided over a government bill that would legalize gay marriage across the country.

  • Scholar studies Maccabean legacy

    A top Israeli archaeologist says that though the Maccabees of the Chanukah story are known for military courage, they were also major builders who transformed the face of ancient Jerusalem.

  • The oldest family in the world

    A new book by a noted genealogist traces the oldest-known living family’s roots back to King David and up through Rashi, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Isaiah Berlin.

  • Jewish group develops HIV treatment

    Ve’ahavta, a Canadian humanitarian and relief organization, is being credited with pioneering a method of treatment that drastically reduces HIV transmission from mothers to newborns in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Bringing Al-Jazeera to Canada

    Canadian Jewish officials have mixed feelings about a precedent-setting ruling that would allow cable distributors to import Al-Jazeera, the Arabic-language news station.

  • Canadian Jews applaud election result

    Following elections, Canadian Jewish officials are guardedly optimistic that Prime Minister Paul Martin won’t be swayed by anti-American and anti-Israel positions of his likely coalition partners.

  • A shtetl grows in Toronto

    Toronto’s Jewish federation has launched a building project so large that one official says it will create a Jewish mini-city.

  • Documentary features Israeli-Palestinian dialogue

    In a documentary by an Israeli police officer and Palestinian journalist, the two protagonists take turns bringing each other to different places in an attempt to convince the other of his own truth.

  • Is Canada a haven for terrorists?

    A new book that portrays Canada as a haven for international terrorism faults border and immigration authorities for repeated slip-ups.

  • Arrests for Toronto anti-Semitism

    Canadian Jewish officials are cautiously optimistic that a spree of anti-Semitic vandalism that has shocked Toronto over the past two weeks has ended with the arrests of three youths.