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  • Toronto rocked by anti-Semitic acts

    Toronto Jews rally after a rash of anti-Semitic incidents, including the desecration of a local synagogue and Jewish cemetery.

  • Report: Anti-Semitic activity up in Canada

    A new report documents a sharp increase in anti-Semitic incidents in Canada, including a steep rise in anti-Jewish activities on college campuses.

  • Canadian man tied to Hamas

    Canadian Jewish groups are calling for greater vigilance against terrorist groups after a Palestinian-born Canadian admits Hamas recruited him to carry out attacks on Jewish and Israeli targets in North America.

  • Israel Asper dies at 71

    Winnipeg-based media mogul Israel Asper, who died at age 71, is being remembered within the Canadian Jewish community for his philanthropy and outspoken support of Israel.

  • Israel ties’ land man in Lebanese jail

    An evangelical Christian from Canada faces charges in Lebanon of collaborating with Israel.

  • Fur trader´s family reunion

    After discovering that they descend from an 18th century Jewish fur trader also known as Michigan´s first Jewish settler, descendants of Ezekiel Solomons held a family reunion to celebrate the American Jewish pioneer.

  • Canadian Jewish officials compile census data

    Jewish officials hope that newly released census data will give them a more comprehensive picture of the Canadian Jewish community, helping them prepare better for the community’s future needs.

  • Marriage ruling splits Canadians

    Reaction among Canadian rabbis to a recent Ontario appeals court ruling in favor of same-sex marriages has been sharply divided along denominational lines.

  • A human rights museum for Canada?

    After years of wrangling, a leading Canadian Jewish philanthropist has unveiled an ambitious plan to build a major national human rights museum in Winnipeg containing a gallery dedicated to the Holocaust.

  • Israeli ties hurt refugee in Canada

    Canada has denied refugee status to a Lebanese man on the grounds that he was an accomplice to alleged Israeli war crimes, including murder and torture, in southern Lebanon. Jewish groups have reacted angrily, and Israel rejects the claims that it or its