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  • Baron Rothschild left Jewish legacy

    Banking king Baron Guy de Rothschild, who was instrumental in helping the French Jewish community as well as Israeli causes, died at 98.

  • Little play for Sderot residents in Paris

    Sderot-area residents, in Paris on a tour telling the world how Palestinian Kassam rockets were ruining their lives, have been largely ignored by the French media.

  • Israeli environmental center gets a boost

    A diverse group from an environmental study and research center in Israel took center stage at a conference for Nobel laureates.

  • Holocaust exhibit in France a vital lesson

    Paris exhibit on deported Jewish children called a must-see for French kids to drive home the point that the Holocaust happened.

  • Mentally disabled staff Israeli winery

    A small, young winery in Israel’s North operates with help from mentally disabled residents from a nearby village.

  • France finally honors Righteous Gentiles

    A dozen years after Yad Vashem recognized Maurice Arnoult as a Righteous Gentile, France recognizes the shoemaker who saved numerous Jewish lives.

  • Murdered French Jew buried in Jerusalem

    Ilan Halimi, the young French Jew kidnapped and tortured to death by an anti-Semitic gang outside Paris last year in a murder that shocked his country, has found his final rest in Jerusalem.

  • French Jew being heard in presidential race

    Nicole Guedj, a key point person between the French government and the Jewish community in France, is making herself heard in support of conservative presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy and in defense of Israel.

  • ‘O Jerusalem’ comes to big screen

    The acclaimed book ‘O Jerusalem’ has been made into a movie by French Jewish filmmaker Elie Chouraqui.

  • War doesn’t deter French immigrants

    Until recently, the major question asked of Jews making aliyah from France was to what extent they were driven by a growing fear of anti-Semitism. But for 650 French olim who arrived this week, thoughts about the war with Hezbollah have replaced concerns