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  • French Jews look for love

    French Jewish singles try to overcome ambivalence and cynicism as they look for love at a singles event.

  • France marks Dreyfus Affair

    France is marking 100 years since Capt. Alfred Dreyfus was cleared of spying charges and reinstated to the army.

  • France and Israel make up

    After years of sometimes testy relations, Israel and France have organized a foundation for cooperation in high-tech investment, research, industry, cinema and exchanges among young adults.

  • Israel shares freedom with refugee from distant war

    In the days leading up to Yom Ha’atzmaut, a young Muslim refugee recalls his escape from war in his homeland of Chad, and how the Jewish state took him in.

  • French aliyah rises after Halimi death

    With French aliyah surging since the intifada began and anti-Semitism spiked in France, a new group is helping smooth the transition to the Jewish state. Interest in aliyah is reported to be even higher since the brutal killing of Ilan Halimi.

  • Slain French Jew’s mother speaks out

    A month after French Jew Ilan Halimi was tortured and murdered, the victim’s mother addresses what she thinks is wrong with French society.

  • Are Jews safe in France?

    The torture and murder of a French Jew, possibly by a gang of Islamist youths, has renewed questions over whether France is safe for Jews. France has vowed to find the killers.

  • Israeli co-op promotes fair trade

    An Israeli fair trade cooperative goes the extra mile to help Arab olive growers and female workers.

  • Bettering ties in France

    Recent riots only heightened the need to improve relations between the Jewish and Arab communities in France, many in the two communities believe.

  • Europe’s Jews, Catholics praise relationship

    Relations between Jews and Catholics in Europe have never been so good — but now it’s time to reach out to Muslims. That was the message at a recent conference in Paris examining changes in the Catholic Church’s ties to the Jews over the past 40 years.