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  • U.S. talking about isolating Iran

    The Bush administration is in discussion with finance ministers around the world about isolating Iran.

  • Bush to veto children’s health program

    President Bush said he would veto the expansion of a children’s health-care program backed by Jewish groups.

  • New Jerusalem schools push feminism

    Two new cutting-edge schools that opened in Jerusalem this fall are pushing the envelope on modern Orthodox education in the Jewish capital – and challenging rival schools to follow suit.

  • Groups welcome travel insurance law

    Jewish groups welcomed passage of a bill banning insurers from discriminating against travelers to Israel.

  • Bush warns N. Korea on nuclear export

    President Bush warned North Korea not to export its nuclear weapons capabilities.

  • Say cheese! It’s Shavuot

    Puzzled by the tradition of eating dairy products on Shavuot, one family searches for theories to explain it.

  • Terror in Israel? No, an earthquake

    A former Californian takes stock of an earthquake in Israel that was a distraction from daily terror alerts.

  • In Israel, every vote counts

    Why is Election Day turnout so much higher in Israel than in the United States? Brian Blum, an American immigrant to Israel, says the core difference is that the issues really do matter in Israel. “Life and death” is not just a figure of speec