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  • Nicaragua considers kosher beef

    Kosher beef consumers in the United States may soon find themselves dining on meat from Nicaragua as one of the country’s main slaughterhouses examines the lucrative market.

  • Graveyard mirrors Nicaraguan history

    The Jewish cemetery in Granada is the most prominent public display of Judaism in Nicaragua, albeit a reflection of the struggles the religion has faced in that Central American country.

  • Kosher food hits Costa Rica

    After decades of having to do without kosher food — or cart back what they need from out of the country — Costa Rican Jews now are able to find what they need to keep a kosher home with increasing ease.

  • Bagel battle hits Costa Rica

    Two entrepreneurs have opened bagel stores in Costa Rica, much to the delight of local Jews and expatriate Americans.

  • Monument to Zionist priest may be moved

    A Costa Rican town wants to move a monument to a prominent local priest, who was a leading Zionist, out of the public park, but Jewish groups and the priest’s family aren’t thrilled about the move.

  • Panama home to strong Jewish community

    For a country once colonized by Catholic missionaries, Panama has managed to produce a remarkably consolidated and Orthodox Jewish community, although the nation has not yet produced a homegrown rabbi.

  • Nicaraguan Jewry rebuilds

    Nicaragua´s entire Jewish population fled the country in the early 1980s; their return is a sign that the country is slowly emerging from the shadow of the Sandinista revolution.

  • Few clues in Panama 10 years after bombing

    Ten years after a bomber blew up a commuter plane over Panama, killing a dozen Jews, authorities still have no idea who was behind the attack.

  • El Salvadoran Jews breathe sigh of relief

    Concern that El Salvador would immediately move its embassy in Israel to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem appear unfounded following the defeat of a former leftist rebel in the country´s presidential election.

  • Palestinian candidates vie in El Salvador

    El Salvador’s tightest presidential campaign since the conclusion of its civil war ends Sunday, with the two leading candidates boasting Palestinian roots and diametrically opposed ideologies.