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  • Hebron mezuzah incident investigated

    An Israeli army rabbi is under investigation for putting a mezuzah up in an off-limits area of Hebron.

  • Israel’s Technion gets high marks

    Israel’s Technion came 25th in an international ranking of technical colleges.

  • DAIA gives interfaith awards

    Argentina’s Jewish political umbrella group, DAIA, gave its 2007 awards to Jews, Catholics and Muslims.

  • Russia: One year until Bushehr active

    The Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr will not be fully operational before the end of 2008, say Russian builders.

  • Spinka rabbi arrested for tax fraud

    The head of the Hasidic Spinka sect was arrested in Los Angeles for tax fraud and money laundering.

  • Police detain Izhevsk vandal

    Police have detained a suspect in the desecration of a Jewish center in Izhevsk, Russia.

  • Interfaith group giving to Jewish Agency

    The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews will give the Jewish Agency for Israel $15 million per year for the next three years.

  • Patriarch rejects Jewish state

    Israel’s Roman Catholic leader criticized the state for asserting that Palestinians must recognize it as a Jewish state.

  • New Torah scroll sparks Nicaraguans

    The arrival of the first Torah in Nicaragua in 28 years is rekindling Jewish life in the turbulent Central American country and sparking discussion of building a new Jewish community center.

  • Congress votes to divest from Darfur

    The U.S. government will no longer be allowed to contract with companies doing business in Sudan.