Russia: One year until Bushehr active


The Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr will not be fully operational before the end of 2008, say Russian builders.

Sergei Shmatko, president of the state-run firm Atomstroyexport, which is in charge of building the plant, made the comments while on a tour in China, according to a report by Reuters.

“I have promised to clear up the date when the construction of the Bushehr power plant will be completed but can say for sure that the station will not be launched before the end of 2008,” Shmatko said.

There had been significant delays in the construction of the plant, but the disagreements that led to the delays have recently been resolved. On Dec. 16, Russia sent its first delivery of uranium fuel rods to the plant.

Shmatko said that a timeline had been established with Iran for the completion of the plant, but not a firm date.

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