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  • Munich survivor carries Olympic scars

    Thirty-six years on, Munich survivor Dan Alon still carries the scars of the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games, which he and four others escaped.

  • Orthodox show their support for Israel

    While the crisis in Israel has generated strong support for Israel across the American Jewish religious spectrum, some observers say the Orthodox are overrepresented among those taking a vocal stand.

  • A funny Holocaust novel

    A survivors’ daughter speaks out on writing humorous novels about the Holocaust, including her most recent one, “You Gotta Have Balls.”

  • Israel and Diaspora in family feud?

    A Reform-Israeli brouhaha comes on the heels of several other developments that have some in the Jewish community publicly fretting that a widening schism between Israelis and American Jews may threaten Jewish unity.

  • How Jewish is camp?

    Despite a perception among some Jews, summer camping is not predominantly a Jewish thing.

  • Jewish groups mobilize for Israel

    The American Jewish community is mobilizing on several fronts to assert Israel’s right to defend itself in the face of increasingly bold Arab attacks.

  • Birthright nixes a participant

    Birthright israel officials dropped a participant upon learning that after the program, she planned to join another group in a trip through the Palestinian territories.

  • Birthright hits magic number

    Birthright israel is marking the significant milestone of its 100,000 participant, but is still struggling with funding.

  • Groups mobilize against boycott call in U.K.

    Jewish groups are mobilizing to defeat another potential boycott of Israeli academics, this time by Britain’s largest union for college teachers.

  • Israeli entrepreneurs turn to health care

    On the eve of Israel Independence Day 2006, Israeli entrepreneurs looking to launch sustainable companies since the high-tech bubble burst are turning to health care.