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  • A brief interview with Nathan Englander

    Nathan Englander today at the President’s Conference JTA’s Israel correspondent Dina Kraft speaks with author Nathan Englander who participated in a panel discussion on Jewish literature today at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem. [audio:/images/archive/051408_kraft_englander.mp3] Audio sound funny? Upgrade your Flash player. To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here.

  • Greetings from the President’s conference

    President Shimon Peres opens his conference Tuesday in Jerusalem I’m in Israel for “Facing Tomorrow,” a conference hosted by President Shimon Peres on the future of Israel and the Jewish people. 3,500 attendees from around the world have gathered at Jerusalem’s International Convention Center for three days of panel discussions on subjects ranging from Jewish…

  • Yom Haatzmaut in NYC

    Last night, JTA staffers Ben Harris and Uriel Heilman attended different events here in NYC, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Israel’s founding. Having had to turn down an opportunity to attend last night’s big concert at Radio City, I sat down with them both to find out what I missed. [audio:/images/archive/050808_yom_haatzmaut.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s…

  • Progressive Jews get ‘Righteously Indignant’ at Boston conference

    Earlier this week I attended the Righteous Indignation Conference, a three-day forum and workshop which provided a forum for progressive Jewish activists to share best practices, discuss current strategies and build community among each other. The event, which took place at Hebrew College in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, brought together over 100 Jewish activists from around…

  • News shticker

    The popular esoteric Jewish magazine Zeek has merged with new Jew media venture Jewcy. Ted Riley Floyd, aka Nathaniel James Levi, the 28 year-old Jewish convert who insinuated himself into the Jewish community of Lakewood, NJ, has confessed to stealing his identity from a dead Navy veteran. Time magazine examines the Jews’ affinity for Harry…

  • Stewart talks Hamas with Jimmy Carter

  • ADL chimes in on Stein’s anti-evolution film

    Anti-Defamation League chief Abe Foxman has spoken out against Ben Stein’s new anti-evolution film, Expelled. In a press release issued just moments ago, Foxman writes: The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed misappropriates the Holocaust and its imagery as a part of its political effort to discredit the scientific community which rejects so-called intelligent design theory….

  • Ben Stein’s anti-evolution film raises hackles

    Did Darwin’s theory of evolution provoke the Holocaust? That’s the claim being advanced by actor/economist Ben Stein in his new film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Called “one of the sleaziest documentaries to arrive in a very long time” by the New York Times, the film, which debuted last week to dismal modest* box office response,…

  • Anna Nicole found comfort in Jewish ritual

    According to ContactMusic, late Playboy pinup and B-movie starlet Anna Nicole Smith embraced Jewish mourning rites after her son Daniel died from a drug overdose in 2006. In a new book called Anna Nicole Smith: Portrait Of An Icon, the tragic star’s stylist pals Pol Atteu and Patrik Simpson reveal the actress found great comfort…

  • J Street press conference audio

    Here’s the audio from today’s press conference about the launch of J Street, the new dovish pro-Israel PAC. [audio:/images/archive/041508_jstreet_press_conference.mp3] To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here.