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  • The popular esoteric Jewish magazine Zeek has merged with new Jew media venture Jewcy.
  • Ted Riley Floyd, aka Nathaniel James Levi, the 28 year-old Jewish convert who insinuated himself into the Jewish community of Lakewood, NJ, has confessed to stealing his identity from a dead Navy veteran.
  • Time magazine examines the Jews’ affinity for Harry Potter.
  • Tony Zirkle, a GOP congressional candidate from Indiana, spoke at a neo-Nazi event on Adolph Hitler’s birthday (April 20) and made, um, rather unusual remarks about Jewish involvement in the pornography industry.
  • In an interview with Iran’s official English-language television network, PressTV, Francis A. Boyle, a professor of international law at U. of Illinois and former legal advisor to the PLO, called on the Iranian government to sue Israel for committing genocide against Palestinians.
  • Israel snubbed British Formula 1 racing chief Max Mosley after revelations about his Nazi sex fetish came to light. Ironic, considering Israel’s own Nazi sex fetish.
  • A philosemitic neo-Nazi(?!) imprisoned in St. Louis won a federal lawsuit entitling him to receive kosher meals.
  • The British Board of Deputies has launched a campaign charging the British National Party with inciting racism and anti-Semitism. The BNP has denied the Board’s claims.

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