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  • Ex-Baltimore Jewish Times owner now selling smoothies

    The former owner of the Baltimore Jewish Times is going into the yogurt business with his wife.

  • ‘Dr. Schnoz’ cancels plans for second Jewish nose video

    A Jewish plastic surgeon in Miami has dropped his plans for a contest to produce another music video about Jewish noses.

  • Drake’s profanity-laced ‘re-bar mitzvah’ video filmed at Miami shul

    Drake’s new video, filmed at a Miami synagogue, is praised for its embrace of Judaism, even as some see sacrilege in its lyrics.

  • BBYO embraces anti-bullying documentary, taking its message to Jewish teens

    As part of anti-bullying efforts, BBYO has partnered with The Bully Project to bring the film “Bully” to Jewish teens.

  • Survey: Jewish voters see economy as top concern

    Jewish registered voters see the economy as the most important issue in the 2012 election, according to a new survey.

  • Rabbi files lawsuit against D.C. elections board

    An Orthodox rabbi in Washington and two of his congregants have filed a class-action suit against the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics.

  • U.S. could learn from Israel’s health care system, study suggests

    Intense cooperation among health care plans and physicians can improve health care, according to a new study that looks toward Israel’s health care system.

  • Conservative group reaches out to gays

    About Conservative 100 rabbis from around the world have signed on with a new group that seeks to provide members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community find a welcoming place in Conservative Judaism.

  • Jewish man remembers pope

    An American Jew remembers how the foster parents who saved him from the Holocaust but did not convert him to Catholicism because their parish priest, Karol Wojtyla, later John Paul II, did not allow it.

  • Books for Israel

    The Greater Washington DC Books for Israel Project is gathering books for Israeli schools, hit hard by Israel’s economic downturn, so they can teach English in their classrooms. Similar projects are springing up in a public school in Miami, a Solomo