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is a JTA Paris correspondent. She has written and worked for the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press Paris bureaus, and is a regular contributor to The New Waver Quarterly, which covers French culture. Lauter is currently completing a master's thesis at Saint Denis University on the relationship between Jewish and Muslim youth in Parisian low-income suburbs, as well as a collection of true stories on a Jewish and Muslim mixed gang.


  • Designer Galliano denies anti-Semitism, apologizes

    Fashion designer John Galliano denied accusations of anti-Semitism and racism that cost him his job, and also apologized for his behavior and “personal failure.”

  • Dior designer fired over alleged anti-Semitic slurs

    British fashion designer John Galliano was fired by the Christian Dior fashion house after allegedly harassing a couple using anti-Semitic and racist slurs.

  • Muslim leaders visit Auschwitz

    Some 150 Mideast Muslim leaders, as well as Jewish clergy and Christian representatives, visited Auschwitz together.

  • French railway working to clear Holocaust image

    A state-owned French railway company is trying to clear its tarnished reputation, marked for delivering thousands of Jews into the hands of the Nazis.

  • French author Celine pulled from recognition over anti-Semitic past

    The late French author Louis-Ferdinand Celine was cut from a list of personalities to be remembered at an annual ceremony because of his anti-Semitic past.

  • Le Pen leaves party leadership with anti-Semitic slur

    Jean-Marie Le Pen, exiting leader of France’s far-right National Front party, made a public anti-Semitic slur while handing over the party leadership to his daughter.

  • Brigitte Bardot protests kosher animal slaughter

    Former French actress and national sex symbol Brigitte Bardot is leading an animal rights campaign against ritual kosher and halal methods of slaughtering animals.

  • Holocaust museums study ways to counter genocide

    An international symposium in Paris looked at ways to improve often sluggish international cooperation on genocide prevention.

  • French rail co. apologizes for collaborating with Nazis

    The head of state-owned French railway company SNCF made an unprecedented show of regret for the company’s responsibility in sending some 76,000 Jews in France to Nazi death camps.

  • Jewish cemetery in France vandalized

    Graves were desecrated in a small Jewish cemetery in northeastern France.