Brigitte Bardot protests kosher animal slaughter


PARIS (JTA) — Former French actress and national sex symbol Brigitte Bardot is leading an animal rights campaign against ritual kosher and halal methods of slaughtering animals.

More othan 2,000 posters have been plastered throughout France since Jan. 4 to “inform” people of the “Middle Age” methods used to “slit the throats of animals without anesthesia in order to please God,” according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which fights for animal rights.

Bardot, 77, said in a statement that her foundation, along with other activists, had to battle with authorities to gain the right to criticize the religious practices through their posters.  

The posters, picturing the head of a cow, say the animal’s throat will be slit “without anesthesia and with great suffering” as part of “religious ritual” rather than using the terms “kosher” and “halal,” which authorities have forbidden, according to Bardot.

Bardot did not mince words in a news statement released Jan. 4.

“We can put up a sign saying ‘proud to be halal,’ but it is not allowed to say or show the suffering that is behind this term,” she said.

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