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is a JTA Paris correspondent. She has written and worked for the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press Paris bureaus, and is a regular contributor to The New Waver Quarterly, which covers French culture. Lauter is currently completing a master's thesis at Saint Denis University on the relationship between Jewish and Muslim youth in Parisian low-income suburbs, as well as a collection of true stories on a Jewish and Muslim mixed gang.


  • Air France-KLM rapped for in-flight menu’s cover

    The Paris-based Simon Wiesenthal Center wants an Air France-KLM affiliate to apologize for printing a French magazine cover on an in-flight food menu that the center says targets Israel.

  • Draft of anti-Jewish measure changing views of Vichy head

    Nearly 70 years to the day since the passage of a pivotal anti-Semitic law in Vichy-occupied France, new evidence about who drafted the law is transforming some historians’ views of France’s wartime head of state, Philippe Petain.

  • Vichy head toughened persecution of Jews, document shows

    The head of France’s Vichy regime may have pushed for tougher laws against French Jews than were requested by Nazi Germany, a newly discovered document shows.

  • French Jewish leaders decry Shoah comparisons

    The French Jewish umbrella group spoke out against recurring comparisons between Nazi treatment of Jews and France’s current policy to rapidly expel Roma migrants.

  • French teacher suspended over Shoah lessons

    A French high school teacher was suspended for spending too much class time on the Holocaust.

  • Sarkozy’s security crackdown roils France, but Jews more circumspect

    A preponderance of voices is denouncing French President Nicolas Sarkozy for fueling negative ethnic stereotypes with his new immigrant-focused security crackdown, but many Jewish community representatives in France are taking a more measured stance.

  • Suburban Paris synagogue receives threatening letter

    A letter threatening to shoot Jews was received at a synagogue north of Paris.

  • French writers confab canceled over Israeli invite

    A writer’s conference at a southern French university was canceled when unidentified Arab participants refused to attend with an Israeli author.

  • Israeli leaders sued in Belgium for war crimes

    A complaint was filed in Belgian court against 14 Israeli leaders for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • Paris rally supports Israel, Shalit

    Thousands attended a pro-Israel demonstration in Paris that also called for the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.