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  • In West Bank, Palestinians marking Nakba Day encouraged by Arab Spring in their fight against Israel

    The uprisings sweeping the Arab world, a recent unity deal between Fatah and Hamas, and hopes for international recognition of Palestinian statehood by the U.N. General Assembly in September sent unusually large crowds into the streets to commemorate this year’s anniversary of the Nakba — the “catastrophe” of Israel’s founding.

  • ‘House’ cast gets taste of Israeli medicine

    Cast members from the hit Fox medical drama “House” visited two Tel Aviv-area hospitals as part of a weeklong tour of Israel aimed at making them goodwill ambassadors for the Jewish state when they head back to America.

  • Oral histories from 1948 tell firsthand stories of Israel’s founding

    An effort to record the stories of Israeli and Diaspora Jews who were part of Israel’s War of Independence is part of a project to create a video archive before the survivors die off and to respond to growing attacks on Israel’s legitimacy.

  • For Israel’s Arabs, sense of disenfranchisement as Israel marks 63rd birthday

    Recent Knesset measures, including a new law that mandates fines for state-funded groups that question Israel’s status as a Jewish and democratic state, have sharpened feelings of disenfranchisement among many Arab citizens of Israel.

  • With Arab Spring, will Israel be left in the cold?

    The high-profile backers of a new Israeli peace push say Israel needs to take the peacemaking path before it’s too late.

  • First-ever translation of Yiddish cookbook yields Old World treasures, New World advice

    The translation of a classic but forgotten Yiddish cookbook written in 1914 for American Jewish housewives brings to life Old World tips and practical advice for Jewish women in the New World — plus plenty of delectable recipes.

  • Hadassah kicks off centennial celebrations

    Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America kicked off its centennial celebrations with a reception at a Tel Aviv skyscraper built on the site of what once was a Hadassah hospital.

  • North American immigrants lead in Israel’s nonprofit sector

    Immigrants from North America and other English-speaking immigrants have brought a mixture of can-do idealism, background in grass-roots activism and fundraising skills to make their projects successful.

  • Booming housing market in Israel stokes fears of bubble

    Israel has become a leader in the global real estate market, but with the high prices have come challenges for families seeking affordable housing in urban centers and fears that Israel is in the midst of a housing bubble.

  • Unrest in Egypt reverberates at Israel’s top security confab

    As Israel watches and waits to see how things in Cairo will shake out, the annual Herzliya security conference served as an opportunity to argue for the need to redouble efforts on the Israeli-Palestinian track and mourn the possible passing of an era of stability along Israel’s southern border with Egypt.