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  • Concern rising along the Israel-Egypt border

    Israelis who live near the Israel-Egypt border wonder what the unrest next door will do to their lives and livelihoods in Israel.

  • Soldier’s story highlights plight facing gay would-be converts in Israel

    Because there is no separation of state and religion, and the state religion is regulated by the Orthodox-controlled Chief Rabbinate, it is practically impossible for an openly gay person to convert to Judaism. One soldier’s story highlights the problem.

  • With eye on long term, Israel plans for ‘leapfrog’ growth to stem brain drain

    At a conference in Jerusalem described as Israel’s largest-ever brainstorming session, Israeli policymakers and leading businesspeople formulated a plan for Israel to establish “leapfrog” growth. Will it be enough to reverse Israel’s brain drain?

  • After fire, what types of trees are best suited for Israel?

    The recent fire in Israel’s Carmel Mountains has cast a spotlight on what trees are best suited for Israel’s varied regions. JTA’s Dina Kraft also reports on what’s already there, and how those trees got to the Holy Land.

  • Gangsta rapper Shyne, now an Orthodox Jew, plans comeback

    Shyne, now living in Jerusalem and going by the name Moses Levi, is planning to release two new albums in the spring with Def Jam records. He took some time from his yeshiva studies to talk with JTA’s Dina Kraft.

  • Katsav rape conviction hailed as watershed moment

    Many Israelis say the conviction of former Israeli President Moshe Katsav on rape and sexual harassment charges represents a watershed moment in Israel’s transition to a new set of societal rules about what is considered acceptable — and legal — behavior on how powerful men treat women in the workplace.

  • Concern in Israel over growing backlash against African migrants, Arabs

    The rising chorus of anti-foreigner sentiment, coupled with recent calls against renting or selling homes to Israeli Arabs, have prompted a national debate in Israel about the depth of racism and xenophobia in the country.

  • In saving Jewish remnants in Galicia, an effort to enlist Ukrainians

    An Israeli project aims not just to collect oral testimony and document forgotten cemeteries and synagogues in Ukraine, but to enlist young Ukrainians in the process.

  • Fire leaves Ein Hod residents devastated — and angry

    Residents of some of the communities ravaged by the deadliest fire in Israel’s history take stock of the damage while officials make plans to bring green back to the blackened landscape.

  • Army converts are latest to be dragged into Israel’s conversion wars

    A new review panel established by Israel’s Chief Rabbinate threatens to invalidate thousands of conversions performed under the auspices of the Israel Defense Forces.