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  • New books attempt to put the ‘do’ in mitzvah

    Three new books offer advice on doing mitzvahs: One is for kids on the precipice of adulthood, one is for adults looking to infuse their daily lives with mitzvot, and one teaches communities how to act on their values.

  • Drake and Mac Miller: A Jewish rap mountain or a Semitic molehill?

    Yesterday in Tablet, David Meir Grossman wrote about two chart topping Jewish rappers: Drake and the nascent Mac Miller, whose debut album, “Blue Slide Park,” landed atop the Billboard’s Top 200 last week. Grossman claims they represent a “golden age of Jewish rap.” His evidence? There are two Jewish rappers successful at the same time….

  • Abercrombie and Fitch — and French

    SHOP TALK REDUX Once upon a time, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t shill its wares with shirtless men and scantily clad women standing outside in all kinds of frightful weather to lure frat boys and the girls who cling to them into the store. [[READMORE]] Back in the 1934, the retailer, which was founded in 1892,…

  • Jewish teen rapper’s first album tops Billboard chart

    Jewish teen rapper Mac Miller had his first album debut at the top of the Billboard 200 chart.

  • In N.Y. play, echoes of anti-Semitic discrimination and the horrors of an African war

    Playwright, performer and human rights activist Jenni Wolfson draws on her Jewish experience and years spent in a war zone in Rwanda.

  • Shop Talk Redux: Drinking makes you ‘gayer’

    I finally understand why Joan Klein stumbles from topic to topic in her fashion column — she’s drunk when she writes it. [[READMORE]] Since we threw Prohibition over our shoulders, everyone feels better. I’ll confess that a dash of legal sherry in my turtle soup and a sip of brandy after my coffee have made…

  • ‘Shop Talk’ Redux: Pigskin and lamb’s wool

    Finally, Joan Klein and I are in total agreement. When it comes to football, the most important thing is fashion, but that’s only because one of the few things I care less about than fashion is football. Klein writes:  It’s football time and football fans of both sexes will be interested to know that Grande…

  • Other Israel Film Festival: ‘Torn’ and ’77 Steps’

    At the Other Israel Film Festival in New York, films address the struggles of the marginalized and often overlooked.

  • Shop Talk Redux: That country known as Brooklyn

    In this week’s edition of Shop Talk, Joan Klein tells us where to have fashionable fun and suggests we venture “across the bridge in that sector of the country known as Brooklyn” to explore that distant land’s natural beauties. Or to be more accurate, the pool at the Hotel St. George. [[READMORE]] The St. George…

  • Shop Talk Redux: ’99 percent’ problems, the Tiara ain’t one

    "You are weary, oh so weary, of wearing glittering tiaras or bow-knots in your hair of an evening"; Joan Klein wrote on this day in 1934. [[READMORE]] With the season’s new sweeping, classic lines you crave a return to the simpler things, and yet you rather like the flattering effects of a diadem topping your…