‘Shop Talk’ Redux: Pigskin and lamb’s wool


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Finally, Joan Klein and I are in total agreement. When it comes to football, the most important thing is fashion, but that’s only because one of the few things I care less about than fashion is football.

Klein writes: 

It’s football time and football fans of both sexes will be interested to know that Grande Maison de Blanc has assembled a supply of automobile robes and sturdy warm blankets for use en route to the game and at the stadium. There are both conservative colors and exciting plaids in camel’s hair, wool and soft plus fabrics. Especially convenient for rumble seat addicts is a set consisting of a blanket and matching pillow filled with lamb’s wool. Both fit neatly into a zipper case with a handle attached for carrying.

First of all, Klein, I doubt that football fans of both sexes will interested in this development. Methinks you overstated your case for the sake of your advertisers, but go ahead lady and keep on shilling.

Despite my utter lack of interest in football or any sport that requires hand-eye coordination, I attend one Super Bowl party a year, mainly because it’s a party and there will be men there. Though as in real life, I will be in direct competition for their attentions with those more tightly dressed than I am―the players onscreen.

I can’t say that I blame the guys for staring at the spandex uniforms. I know I am. That’s how I decide which team to root for. Basically, unless there’s a home team in contention, I cheerlead for the team who is wearing the prettiest combination of colors. I usually do not go for a team that wears white. Who are they fooling? Those guys aren’t virgins.

Also, white to play a professional sport that isn’t tennis? Think of the stains!

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