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  • For Justin Bieber, ‘Scooter’ and the Shema play a major presence

    With the biographical documentary and concert film recounting the rise of Justin Bieber opening Feb. 11, a look at the teen sensation’s Jewish manager, Scott Samuel “Scooter” Braun, his “Jewish road dad” who introduced the Shema to the singer’s pre-concert repertoire.

  • Super Sunday scores with fun and tzedakah

    A friendly competition between religious schools in Green Bay and Pittsburgh is part of the game plan of fun and tzedakah-oriented events being executed for adults and children on Super Sunday.

  • Repairing the world, and your home, on Tu b’Shvat

    The Jewish green day of Tu b’Shvat is not just the new year for trees anymore. It’s also about “tikkun olam,” repairing the world. But how about getting to that broken dishwasher first?

  • Jewish football teams want a bowl of their own

    Has the time come for a real Jewish football league? (Note: Flag footballers need not apply.)_

  • The Texas Christians of Texas Christian University: Jewish students

    When the football team at Texas Christian University takes the field for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. on Saturday, some of the hometown team’s loudest fans will be Jews from the school.

  • Shabbat opening on Christmas Eve (sort of)

    Playing on Christmas Eve, which this year falls on Shabbat, is the imaginary film “When Malka Meets Santa.”

  • Burning issue: A new order for Chanukah?

    Someone once proposed that we light the whole menorah on the first night, then cut back one candle each night. With the difficult economic times, has the time come for that change, columnist Edmon J. Rodman asks.

  • Finding the aahs and oys of Jewish toys

    A new market of holiday offerings is featuring Jewish toys that flash, spin and challenge — including No Limit Texas Dreidel, a poker version of the classic top game. There’s even something for the family pet.

  • Getting over the post-World Series blues — Jews and baseball, a love story

    Here’s one way for San Francisco Giants fans to keep the good times rolling and for everyone else to kill time until spring training — check out “Jews and Baseball, An American Love Story.”

  • Duo celebrating bar mitzvah of counting Jewish athletes

    With a name like Ian Kinsler, the second baseman on the Texas Rangers might just be Jewish. So how do you find out for sure? Ask Shel Wallman and Ephraim Moxson, co-publishers of The Jewish Sports Review.