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  • Hagel: Israelis warned U.S. on Iraq

    Israeli security officials warned Americans about potential complications of an Iraq invasion, according to a U.S. senator.

  • German Jews push for government firing

    Germany’s Jewish leaders asked the interior minister to intervene against a federal employee they accuse of anti-Semitic writings.

  • Gov’t: bar classification czar

    Prosecutors in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers want to keep the defense’s most potentially damaging expert witness from testifying.

  • Israel, U.S. coordinating Durban reply

    Israel and the United States reportedly are coordinating their response to the second Durban conference on racism.

  • Candidates on board for Israel at 60

    Each of the major presidential candidates has joined a U.S. committee commemorating Israel’s 60th anniversary.

  • Funders reject PMW on Ma’an

    Western funders of a Palestinian media service rejected a report by a watchdog that said the service incites hatred.

  • Learn lessons of divestment fight

    Jewish activists can learn important lessons from the strategy used to turn back the Presbyterian push to divest from Israel, one of the leaders of the effort writes.