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  • Yoga leader lectures on Judaism

    Omsk’s Hesed center is using yoga to attract the city’s highly assimilated senior citizens, who may never otherwise visit this community center to come closer to Jewish culture.

  • Remote village loses faith

    Jewish traditions are dying in the village of Iudino which is hardly surprising in rural Russia, where Soviet sympathies still run strong and Jewish populations rarely exceed a half dozen. But the fading of Jewish life in this town, known for its long and

  • Reform Judaism appeals to Tuymen’s Jews

    Tuymen is Russia´s only flourishing Reform community outside of Moscow, offering theater productions, dance competitions and Yiddish clubs. Tuymen´s path to a Reform revival began with a coin flip by Jewish student activists in 1991.

  • Russia’s Jewish republic renewed

    In the sleepy Birobidzhan republic, superficial trappings of Jewish life – signs in Yiddish and a menorah dominating a town square – are more common than Jewish spirit in what was, in Soviet times, a “Jewish Autonomous Region.” However, local Jewish leade

  • Holocaust memorial dedicated in Latvia

    After weeks of discord over an inscription, a Holocaust memorial was unveiled in Latvia commemorating the 1941 murder of 27,000 residents of the Riga Ghetto in a nearby forest.

  • Reward program for Nazis runs new ads

    A reward for information on Nazi war criminals has led the Lithuanian government to investigate possible war crimes in two of the country’s villages. Similar ads are slated to run in Latvia and Estonia.

  • Shoah memorial inscription prompts debate

    Latvian Jewish leaders and officials in the capital, Riga, are in a dispute over the inscription on a Holocaust memorial. The Jewish community insists that it mention that Latvian volunteers participated in the slaughter. A commission appointed by Riga re

  • NATO aspirants focus on Jewish issues

    Later this month, seven nations will clear a crucial hurdle toward full membership in NATO, but will remain under close scrutiny to ensure they follow through on promises regarding “value issues,” including how they handle Jewish affairs.

  • Righteous Gentiles given thanks

    A dozen Righteous Gentiles in Minsk convene twice a month for dinner courtesy of the JDC, a small yet symbolic expression of gratitude to an aging group of Belarussians who shielded Jews in World War II.

  • Rewards for info on war criminals

    A program offering $10,000 rewards for information that leads to the conviction and punishment of any Nazi war criminal worldwide is an effort to turn up credible witnesses on Nazi crimes before it’s too late.