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Gabrielle Birkner is JTA's managing editor. Follow her on Twitter @gabibirkner.


  • Should Random House pay Goebbels’ estate?

    The notorious propaganda minister left behind 20 years worth of diary entries — from which the offspring of his siblings think they should profit.

  • French Jewry 101: From Rashi to Dreyfus to Hyper Cacher

    Last week’s deadly hostage siege at a kosher supermarket in Paris has French Jews (and some non-Jews) proclaiming “Je suis juif” in solidarity with the four people killed. Who are the Jews of France? Here’s a primer.

  • Behind every great ‘Serial’ podcast host, a Jewish studies professor

    In the series finale of the podcast sensation “Serial,” a certain Jewish studies professor got a shout out. It was Sarah Koenig’s husband, who directs the Jewish Studies program at Penn State.

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s ‘lower guilt’ latkes

    Just in time for Hanukkah, the Florida congresswoman, DNC chair and Jewish mom shares her recipe for healthier potato pancakes.

  • Adas Israel rabbi: ‘I am a gay man’

    The married senior rabbi at a large and historic Conservative synagogue in Washington, D.C., said Monday that he has long struggled with his sexual orientation.

  • French pop intellectual goes ‘on the road

    French Jewish pop intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy talks about his 15,000-mile long, yearlong road trip through the United States — and has some surprisingly affectionate stories about the country the French love to hate.

  • New safe haven for seniors

    With the inauguration of what is being called the nation’s first full-service elder abuse shelter in New York, some abuse victims have a place to seek refuge. The opening of the $3 million center signals that this problem plaguing the aged has reached a t

  • Reform and Conservative working together

    The flagship institutions of the Reform and Conservative movements have embarked on their first-ever joint project — a cross-denominational leadership institute for principals of congregational schools.

  • Shaping scholars of Israel at NYU

    New York University has opened a center for Israel studies and its director is hoping to shape a new generation of Israel scholars who are willing to look critically at the complex issues of the Jewish state.