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  • Op-Ed: Monitor hate crimes, as promised

    Governments must be pressed to keep their promises about monitoring hate crimes, writes a consultant in the fields of human rights, international affairs and anti-Semitism.

  • Wave of anti-Semitic acts hit Belgium

    Anti-Semitic incidents in Belgium have surged in the wake of Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip.

  • Belgian protesters turn to vandalism

    Belgian demonstrators against Israel’s operation in Gaza vandalized cars and attacked buses.

  • European Parliament strips member’s immunity

    The European Parliament waived the parliamentary immunity of a far-right member from Belgium.

  • Mixers not way to reach European students

    If the American Jewish community has trouble reaching college students, the picture in Europe in bleaker. The way to reach these students: focus on Jewish history, culture and heritage, not promoting finding Jewish life partners.

  • Female rabbi blazes trail in Brussels

    Floriane Chinsky is attracting a lot of attention as Belgium´s first female rabbi — but she´s happy for the attention.

  • Belgian Jewish school won’t teach sex-ed

    A Jewish school in Belgium has lost government recognition because it refuses to teach the required sexual education curriculum, arguing that it’s incompatible with Jewish beliefs.

  • Belgium considers kosher slaughter ban

    Belgium’s Jewish community is speaking out against a proposed law that could impede the practice of shechitah, the Jewish method of killing animals for meat consumption.