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  • Turning point for Israel’s high court

    Israel’s Supreme Court will face a turning point next year when Chief Justice Aharon Barak and his deputy retire.

  • Israel, Hamas face challenges

    Israel may be tempted to hurt Hamas militarily and politically, but the terrorist group’s desire to participate in Palestinian elections poses a tough dilemma for the Jewish state.

  • Israel’s Muslim honeymoon

    Israel is seeing a certain openness from the Muslim world, not just as a result of the Gaza withdrawal but due to deeper regional processes.

  • Palestinian refugees to return to Gaza?

    On the surface, the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip offers some Palestinian refugees a golden opportunity to achieve their long-awaited dream of return — but whether they’ll actually come back is unclear.

  • Seeking quiet after Shfaram attack

    Following the attack by a Jewish terrorist on Israeli Arabs in Galilee, Israeli Arab leaders acted responsibly to keep the situation from spiraling out of control.

  • Palestinian infighting and the ‘day after

    Recent Palestinian attacks on Israel have as much to do with Palestinian infighting as they do with Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip — but they bode ill for the post-withdrawal situation in Gaza.

  • Yekke’ museum opens in Israel

    A new museum in Israel’s Tefen Industrial Park honors German Jewish immigrants, known as “yekkes,” who made crucial cultural contributions to the State of Israel.

  • Israeli Arabs want some attention

    A new survey contains some surprising insight into the state of Arab-Jewish relations in Israel today — including the idea that Israeli Arabs accept the idea of a Jewish state, but not a Zionist one.

  • Abbas’ challenges mount

    Mahmoud Abbas may want to enjoy the rather intensive world tour he embarked on following his White House meeting with President Bush, as he faces grave challenges once he returns to Ramallah.

  • Nobel laureates advise politicians

    Scientists and other luminaries at the Petra Conference of Nobel Laureates were asked to advise political leaders on how to save “A World in Danger.”