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  • The life of Sheik Ahmed Yassin

    Sheik Ahmed Yassin´s physical handicap belied the Hamas founder´s political strength and his influence over his militant followers.

  • Palestinians fight Gaza withdrawal

    For years, the Palestinians demanded that Israel withdraw from the Gaza Strip. Now that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said that he will do just that — without demanding a Palestinian quid pro quo — Palestinians are reacting with caut

  • Palestinians slide into anarchy

    Anarchy is growing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as Palestinian Authority leaders feud with each other instead of maintaining law and order.

  • Israel’s prisoner-swap deals

    The debate in Israel over the prisoner-exchange deal with Hezbollah is not the first fight over the appropriate price to pay to free Israelis held in captivity, and it likely will not be the last.

  • Winds of change in Mideast?

    With many Arab and Muslim countries looking to get on America´s good side after the war on Iraq, some analysts wonder if Israel is passing up an opportunity for peace with her neighbors.

  • Israel responds to Libya surprise

    Libya´s announcement that it would end its capacity to build weapons of mass destruction brought relief to Israel, but also concern that the Jewish state itself would come under pressure to end its reported nuclear capability.

  • Cairo talks show Hamas strength

    Palestinian negotiators left Cairo as cease-fire talks with Hamas and other terrorist groups failed to yield an agreement to stop attacking Israelis.

  • Jerusalem Arabs plan for security fence

    Arabs living near Jerusalem are making contingency plans — including buying homes in Jewish neighborhoods — as Israel´s security barrier threatens to disrupt their day-to-day lives.

  • Qurei: Same old story?

    As Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei assembles a government and tries to convince terrorist groups to suspend attacks, skeptics note that the script sounds all too familiar.

  • Israel: Beware Iranian nukes

    Iran has promised to freeze its development of nuclear power, but Israel says the fundamentalist regime is simply buying time and cannot be trusted.