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  • 75 years on, Jews in Russia’s Jewish autonomous district hold on

    While efforts to bolster Jewish life in Birobidzhan persist, sometimes there is a sense that the veneer of Judaism in the Russian district is no thicker than the fresh coat of paint applied citywide for the anniversary festivities.

  • At Limmud in Siberia, some unique challenges

    The patchwork knowledge and observance of Jewish traditions that defines Russia’s largely assimilated Jewish community holds even in the strange and unique place that is Russia’s Jewish Autonomous District.

  • WWII mass Jewish grave discovered

    Investigators discovered a mass grave for 200 Jews in a western Ukrainian city.

  • Stanford Hillel students visit Moscow

    Students from the Stanford University Hillel toured the pillars of Jewish life in Moscow with local Jewish students.

  • As Jewish givers pull back in FSU, Christian group steps in

    With the financial crisis spreading in the former Soviet Union, longtime sources of Jewish funding have cut back while a Christian group from the United States has stepped up its giving.

  • Russian circus goes ape with its Jewish wedding

    Two orangutans — one in a suit and kipah, the other in a bridal gown — are currently the closing number in Act I of the famed Moscow circus.

  • Relative of Israel’s first president beaten

    A Russian woman related to Israel’s first president was beaten in her home in an attack with anti-Semitic overtones.

  • Financial crisis slams Russia’s billionaires

    Russia’s Jewish billionaires lost more than two-thirds of their wealth in 2008, according to figures released by Forbes magazine.

  • Skinheads attack Jewish Agency employee’s son

    Two young men dressed like skinheads attacked the son of a Jewish Agency employee.

  • Chief rabbi: Russian Jews fear future

    Russian Jews fear for the future of their community in the wake of the deportation of two rabbis, a Russian chief rabbi said.