WWII mass Jewish grave discovered


MOSCOW (JTA) — Investigators discovered a mass grave for 200 Jews in a western Ukrainian city.

Rabbi Mendel Teichman, the chief rabbi for the city of Uzhhorod, on the country’s border with Slovakia, and the region, in recent weeks had come across an open area with no fence and no headstones in the local Jewish cemetery in recent weeks.

The rabbi then found decades-old historical documents stating that the grave site was the resting place for more than 200 Jews killed by the Nazis in World War II.

Before the war, Uzhhorod was part of Hungary and the city was known as Ungvar.

The rabbi took his discovery to the Rabbinical Center of Europe, which is now seeking the relatives of those resting in the mass grave in order to seek help in building a fence and monument at the site.

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