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  • Lithuania to pay $41 million for seized property

    Lithuania agreed to pay $41 million over 10 years to the Jewish community to compensate for seized property.

  • Rabbi asks Obama to repeal Jackson-Vanik

    The chief rabbi of Kazakhstan asked officials from the Obama administration to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment.

  • Kanner nominated to head Russian body

    An advisory group recommended Yuri Kanner, a Russian businessman and philanthropist, to take over as president of the Russian Jewish Congress.

  • Zhirinovsky proposes end to hate speech law

    A prominent Russian legislator and former presidential candidate introduced legislation to strike down Russia’s hate speech law.

  • Groups protest Russian textbook’s portrayal of Jews

    A Russian Jewish umbrella group says it is extremely concerned about a textbook on religion that blames Jews for injustices in the wake of Russia’s 1917 revolution.

  • Russia pledges armored vehicles to P.A.

    Russia will deliver 50 armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority, the Russian foreign minister said.

  • Deportation of rabbi in Russia alarms Jewish leaders

    The deportation of a rabbi from Russia’s far east on a relatively minor visa violation has concerned Russian Jewish leaders and prompted rare open criticism of Russian authorities.

  • Soviet refusenik documents available online

    A new Internet device allows scholars and the public to search an index of the comprehensive archive of the American Soviet Jewry movement.

  • Ex-Russian oil tycoon facing new trial

    Former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky is going on trial again and faces more than 20 years in prison.

  • Kantor: European Jewry has bigger problems than Russian Jewry

    Moshe Kantor, the recently re-elected president of the European Jewish Congress, will resign as president of the Russian Jewish Congress because, he says, the problems of European Jewry are more urgent than those of Russian Jewry.