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  • Report: Russia will sell Iran missile system

    Russia will soon deliver to Iran parts of a missile system that would hinder efforts to launch an airstrike against the country, Iran’s state news agency reported.

  • Georgian refugees seek return to normalcy

    With a helping hand from the West, many of those displaced by the Russia-Georgia conflict have traveled the short distance back to their homes and to some semblance of normalcy.

  • Israel urges Moscow to halt Iran sale

    A senior Israeli defense official visited Moscow in an attempt to dissuade Russia from selling missile defense systems to Iran.

  • Deadly crash comes as Russian tourism to Israel climbs

    Despite Tuesday’s tragedy near Eilat, which claimed the lives of 24 Russian tourists, Russian tourism to Israel is expected to continue climbing.

  • Russian Jewish group goes after Georgia

    For four months the World Congress of Russian Jewry has acted alone in its quest to cast Georgia as the aggressor in its August war with Russia.

  • Eurasian group meets on ethnic autonomy

    A Jewish umbrella group met in the predominantly Muslim republic of Tatarstan to discuss the autonomy of religious organizations in the Russian state.

  • ORT schools in FSU suffer cutbacks

    The ORT network of schools in the former Soviet Union is the latest to feel the financial pinch.

  • Court: Neo-Nazis can march in Moscow

    The Moscow city government will allow two neo-Nazi groups to march.

  • Russian man gets prison for anti-Semitism

    A Russian man was sentenced to prison for posting anti-Semitic slogans on an Internet forum.

  • Rabbi Schneier attends Alexy II funeral

    An American rabbi joined Russian Jewish leaders in paying respects to the head of the Russian Orthodox church.