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  • Russia chief rabbi: Repeal Jackson-Vanik

    Russia’s chief Chabad rabbi castigated the United States for its refusal to repeal the Jackson-Vanik amendment.

  • Ukraine city building toward prominence

    With money from billionaires giving back to the Jewish community, myriad construction projects in Dnepropetrovsk could make this industrial city a prominent world center for Jewry.

  • Georgia war requires balancing in Israel

    The conflict between Georgia and Russia required something of a balancing act for Israel, which has defense ties with Georgia but a delicate relationship with the global power of Russia.

  • Behind the Georgian aid effort

    As Russia occupied Georgia, pushing ever closer to the capital Tbilisi and bisecting the country, the relief effort of nearly two weeks has had only one prime directive: Find every Jew.

  • Nationalism divides Russian, Georgian Jews

    The normally close relations between Jews in Russia and Georgia – manifested in organizations and charities meant to bring them together – have been strained by nationalism and propaganda wars generated by the conflict between their nations.

  • Georgia’s Jews face wartime dilemmas

    Jews are struggling to escape the war zone in Georgia while Russian military forces are obstructing Jewish aid groups trying to reach them. JTA’s Grant Slater meets in Tbilisi, Georgia, with some of the Jewish refugees who have managed to flee.

  • Georgians, Russians caught in cross-fire

    As the conflict between Georgia and Russia moved toward an uneasy stalemate, the migration of refugees continued and more Jews emerged from the fog of war.

  • Jews caught in Russia-Georgia conflict

    Russian and Georgian troops continued to fight a pitched battle on Monday that has spilled beyond the borders of South Ossetia and toward the Georgian city of Gori, where Jewish relief organizations continued to make contact with local Jews.

  • Georgian Jews flee for capital

    More than 200 Jewish residents fled fighting near the Georgian border, most from a city where Russian bombers destroyed several apartment blocks Saturday, according to the Jewish Agency.

  • Russian moguls join forces in philanthropy

    A closely allied group of prominent and controversial Russian billionaires has thrown its largesse behind a multinational philanthropic fund to develop Jewish identity among Russian speakers worldwide.