Mrs. Barak is matchmaker to VIPs


Ehud Barak’s wife is under public scrutiny in Israel for working as a matchmaker between local and foreign businesspeople.

Channel Ten television reported Sunday that Nili Priell-Barak, the Israeli defense minister’s second wife, recently formed a company that promises to acquaint international investors with the Jewish state’s “top decision-makers.”

According to the report, Priell-Barak’s clients appear include at least two foreigners who contributed to her husband’s political campaigns. Such ties could raise graft and bribery suspicions, as Israeli politicians – especially those in top office – are barred from granting favors in return for campaign financing.

Barak, who was investigated by police for his successful run to become prime minister in the 1990s, declined comment on the report.

Priell-Barak said in a statement that she has been a businesswoman for 30 years and that her current ventures in no way benefit from her husband’s position.

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