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  • Israel, Russia going visa free

    A visa-waiver agreement between Israel and Russia is pending final approval, but some officials are worried the program will increase the export of Russian prostitutes and mob members to Tel Aviv, and activity by Israeli spies in Siberia.

  • Russian Jews in TV land

    Vladimir Slutzker is among several Jewish TV promoters in Russia and elsewhere who hope to create a real global audience for Jewish TV. Whether he has any chance of succeeding is another matter.

  • In Russia, a java joust with Starbucks

    With an eye on Starbucks, a Jewish businessman entices local Russians to his cup of java.

  • Uzbek murder not seen as anti-Semitism

    A well-known Jewish theater director murdered in Uzbekistan may have been a victim of nationalists or homophobes, not anti-Semitism, local Jews and a distant relative say.

  • Hillel moves on campus in FSU

    Dual conferences in the former Soviet Union heralded a new phase of Hillel activity in the region, notably an aggressive move onto college campuses and the privatization of some key operations.

  • Moscow fans charged with hate crime

    In what may be a first for Russian hate-crimes prosecution, five soccer fans face two years in prison for yelling anti-Semitic slurs during a match.

  • Moscow club offers atypical outreach

    A Moscow club tries to bring “non-traditional” purveyors of new Israeli culture to Russian Jews and non-Jews alike.

  • Estonia feting Nazi past draws ire

    Estonia’s commemoration of its pro-German World War II past, including the re-enactment of a Nazi victory, has outraged European officials and the Russian Jewish community.

  • Russia says Jewish Agency owes taxes

    A leading Jewish organization in Russia has drawn the attention of state tax authorities in a move that seems consistent with the increasing difficulties confronting foreign organizations.

  • Doubts over anti-extremists bill in Russia

    A new bill aimed at curbing extremist groups in Russia has failed to win widespread support from Jewish leaders and pro-democracy activists, as worries mount that the measure could be used to stifle political dissent ahead of parliamentary and presidentia