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  • Israeli envoy to New Zealand blunders

    Israel’s newly accredited envoy to New Zealand made a diplomatic blunder.

  • Russian Jews in TV land

    Vladimir Slutzker is among several Jewish TV promoters in Russia and elsewhere who hope to create a real global audience for Jewish TV. Whether he has any chance of succeeding is another matter.

  • Troops kill gunman

    Israeli troops killed a gunman in the West Bank city of Nablus.

  • In Russia, a java joust with Starbucks

    With an eye on Starbucks, a Jewish businessman entices local Russians to his cup of java.

  • Uzbek murder not seen as anti-Semitism

    A well-known Jewish theater director murdered in Uzbekistan may have been a victim of nationalists or homophobes, not anti-Semitism, local Jews and a distant relative say.

  • Most Israelis oppose legal gambling

    Most Israelis would oppose legalized gambling in their country, a poll found.

  • Troops kill teen bomber

    Israeli troops killed an armed Palestinian teenager in the West Bank.

  • Hamas: Conference will fail

    Hamas said an upcoming peace conference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will fail.

  • New intrigue in Berlin Jewish politics

    A German Jewish leader has stirred political upheaval by announcing his candidacy for the leadership of Berlin’s Jewish community.

  • Kidnapped soldier’s father in Australia

    The father of a missing Israeli soldier went to Australia to press for his son’s release.