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  • Hamas: Conference will fail

    Hamas said an upcoming peace conference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will fail.

  • New intrigue in Berlin Jewish politics

    A German Jewish leader has stirred political upheaval by announcing his candidacy for the leadership of Berlin’s Jewish community.

  • Daughter born to Olmert’s daughter

    Ehud Olmert’s lesbian daughter had a child with her longtime girlfriend.

  • Israel honors Ramadan

    Israel marked the beginning of Ramadan.

  • Report: Israel deprived Syria of A-bomb

    Israel reportedly attacked Syria this month to stop it from acquiring nuclear warheads.

  • Nazi memorabilia to be auctioned

    Nazi memorabilia will be auctioned off in New Zealand despite protests from local Jewish leaders.

  • European rallies fighting anti-Semitism

    Student-organized events against anti-Semitism and racism will be held simultaneously in three European capitals.

  • Hillel moves on campus in FSU

    Dual conferences in the former Soviet Union heralded a new phase of Hillel activity in the region, notably an aggressive move onto college campuses and the privatization of some key operations.

  • Moscow fans charged with hate crime

    In what may be a first for Russian hate-crimes prosecution, five soccer fans face two years in prison for yelling anti-Semitic slurs during a match.

  • Alleged Nazi can appeal extradition

    An alleged Nazi war criminal living in Australia can appeal his extradition to Hungary in the nation’s highest court.