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  • Rockets overshadow Sderot schools

    Children in Sderot opened the new school year despite continued rocket fire from the nearby Gaza Strip.

  • Israel honors Lebanon war heroes

    Israel’s top brass awarded citations for bravery to 142 military personnel who distinguished themselves in the Lebanon war.

  • Iran claims nuclear breakthrough

    Iran announced a breakthrough in its nuclear program that could bring it the bomb in a year.

  • Chabad center opens in Berlin

    Berlin’s new Chabad house opened.

  • Germany approves vast addition to reparations

    Thousands of needy Holocaust survivors will be eligible for pensions from Germany for the first time according to an agreement concluded with the Conference for Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

  • Reform leader defends, appeals to U.S. Muslims

    The leader of Reform Judaism decried the demonization of Islam in the media and called on American Muslims to join a dialogue.

  • Orthodox cop sues Vegas PD

    An Orthodox Jewish detective is suing the Las Vegas police department for forcing him to shave and not wear a head covering.

  • Israeli, Palestinian tour DC campuses

    An Israeli and a Palestinian student will tour Washington DC-area campuses to promote a group pressing their leaders for peace.

  • Madison goes kosher

    The University of Wisconsin-Madison is opening a kosher meat kitchen.

  • Moscow club offers atypical outreach

    A Moscow club tries to bring “non-traditional” purveyors of new Israeli culture to Russian Jews and non-Jews alike.