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  • JTA EXCLUSIVE: Greek telethon for Gaza hospital a scam

    In a JTA investigation, Athens correspondent Jean Cohen discovers that a six-hour telethon in Greece that raised $1.67 million for a Christian Palestinian hospital allegedly destroyed by Israel was a scam: The hospital never existed. Now Palestinians are demanding to know where the money will be spent.

  • Greek neo-Nazi acquitted of Holocaust denial

    An Athens appeals court acquitted a well-known Greek neo-Nazi of Holocaust denial.

  • Greek weekly calls Jews ‘Christ killers’

    A weekly Greek newspaper calls Jews “Christ killers” in an editorial about the Gaza conflict.

  • Greek politician compares Israel to Hitler

    The leader of a far-right political party in Greece compared Israel’s actions in Gaza to Hitler.

  • Greek weekly stresses Madoff’s Jewishness

    A Greek newspaper in a front-page headline called Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme “The Jewish bond.”

  • Sarkozy’s Greek-Jewish roots

    A new book describes the Greek-Jewish roots of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

  • Munich massacre remembered in Athens

    At an Athens memorial service for 11 Israelis killed in a massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics, the widow of one those slain called on Olympic leaders to organize a ceremony to be held as part of the Olympic Games.

  • Report: Growing anti-Semitism in Greece

    According to a new report, “blatant anti-Semitism” has been increasingly expressed in the Greek media since the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict more than two years ago.

  • AROUND THE JEWISH WORLD Greek Jews angered by request not to hold religious services in shul

    ATHENS, Oct. 12 (JTA) – Destroyed during World War II, the historic Etz Hayim Synagogue on the Greek island of Crete was rededicated over the weekend. But the festive series of ceremonies were marred when a local Greek official asked that Jews refrain from worshiping at the synagogue. The request came in a letter from…