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  • Colleges challenge Ford guidelines

    A group of American universities is taking issue with the Ford Foundation´s stringent new rules on grant recipients, saying they threatend the universities´ First Amendment rights of protected academic speech.

  • JCCs shoot for sharper image

    Jewish community centers reach one-third of the U.S. Jewish community, yet they’re not taken seriously enough as a building block of Jewish identity, according to a new survey.

  • Israel blasts Swiss bank recommendation

    Israeli officials are blasting recommendations that the money from the $1.25 billion Swiss banks settlement should be used to help Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union before others.

  • Google flap shows Web challenge

    When an anti-Semitic Web placed at the top of Google search results for the word "Jew," it sparked a media blitz and underlined the challenge the Internet poses for controlling hate groups.

  • New proposal for Swiss banks money

    The U.S. federal court overseeing the Swiss banks Holocaust settlement moved a step closer to awarding much of the remaining money to poor survivors in the former Soviet Union.

  • U.S. Jews up security

    New reports of terrorist threats against Jewish institutions in Europe underscore the need for American Jewish institutions to get serious about security.

  • Poll: ‘Passion’ good for the Jews

    A new poll finds that Mel Gibson´s controversial movie, "The Passion of the Christ," indeed has changed Christian attitudes toward Jews and the crucifixion — for the better.

  • Groups fight for Swiss bank funds

    A chunk of the remaining Holocaust-era Swiss banks settlement seems likely to go to the poorest Holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union after the presiding judge rebuked U.S. survivors seeking to fund their own social service programs.

  • Groups hope to spur educational gifts

    A new $1 million philanthropic venture is borrowing fund-raising tactics from public broadcasting in hopes of spurring support for Jewish education.

  • Israeli PR aimed at reporters

    A new Israeli public relations effort aims to change the perceptions of reporters and media leaders about Israeli life behind the headlines.