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  • Jewish mega-donors give little to Jews

    A new Chronicle of Philanthropy report reveals the continuation of a longtime trend, where most of the biggest "mega-gifts" from Jews go to non-Jewish causes.

  • Jewish world to tap Lieberman?

    Erstwhile presidential contender Joseph Lieberman is being mentioned as a candidate to lead two major Jewish organizations — the United Jewish Communities and the World Jewish Congress.

  • Conservatives to debate fence

    Conservative rabbis are preparing to debate a resolution supporting Israel’s West Bank security fence during an upcoming Jerusalem summit, part of a greater emphasis on political activism among the movement’s rabbis.

  • Religious intolerance in the military?

    A couple accuses the U.S. military of anti-Semitism after they were dishonorably discharged, allegedly for attending Yom Kippur services.

  • Conservative rabbis want leadership

    In unprecedented public criticism, Conservative rabbis are saying the movement’s leaders have failed to map a clear path for the future.

  • The kosher beer wars

    Jeremy Cowan, the San Francisco brewer of He´Brew, is nearing the Chanukah finish line of his "Wandering He´Brew Beer Tour of America." His ales aren´t the only kosher ones, though. A New York beer called Layla, with links to a

  • Circle complete for Jewish convert

    A convert to Judaism approaches the holiday season in a new way.

  • Secular string attached to donation

    A foundation matches Michael Steinhardt’s call for education funds, provided that about half of the total money goes to teaching secular and unaffiliated Jews about Judaism from a secular standpoint.

  • Putting the ‘Judaism´ in Reform

    Switching its name to the Union for Reform Judaism reflects a changed movement that seeks more tradition and active participation from its members.

  • Yoffie urges Reform links

    The movement´s leader urged Reform Jews to reach out to counterparts in Israel and Europe.