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  • Pressure builds on Ford

    In the wake of a JTA investigative series, congressional pressure is building on the Ford Foundation to stop supporting groups that engage in anti-Semitic activities.

  • Reform movement set for conference

    The first movement to aggressively and officially reach out to unaffiliated Jews and their non-Jewish family members, the Reform movement is preparing to open its 67th biennial convention in Minneapolis as North America’s largest Jewish denomination.

  • Experts: NJPS still useful

    Jewish social scientists, demographers and communal leaders met to discuss the shortcomings of the recent National Jewish Population Survey — and to consider what to do differently next time.

  • Ford partners with Jewish group

    A new partnership with a Jewish group is helping the Ford Foundation upgrade its financial and social action in Israel.

  • Jews debate Mel Gibson movie

    “The Passion,” Mel Gibson’s controversial film about Jesus, has sparked a new battle — among Jews unable to agree on how to deal with Christian portrayals of the Jesus story in popular culture.

  • Jewish charities rate well

    A new analysis of 2,500 nonprofits shows that Jewish groups ranked similarly to other nonprofits in terms of fund raising and program expenses, but have less money in the bank.

  • Debate over NJPS roils

    An independent review of the long-contested National Jewish Population Survey 2000-01 says that the major study of American Jewry may undercount the number of Jews and overestimate their Jewish activity.

  • Different denominations, same pay

    The demanding job of being a religious leader is a fairly lucrative one. In fact, rabbinic placement officials point to competitive salaries across the religious spectrum.

  • Gender not an issue in finding rabbi job

    Three decades after the first women broke the rabbinic barrier, they say entering the rabbinate is no longer an issue — but pay parity is.

  • Photojournalist focuses on Jews in exile

    Controversial photographer Frederic Brenner´s compilation, "Diaspora: Homelands in Exile," chronicles 25 years of indigenous Jewish life — from Azerbaijan to Yemen and from Brooklyn to Jerusalem.