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  • The cutest golf rapper ever

    Watch the cutest golf rap ever you didn’t know existed.

  • A history of banning shechitah

    Since the late 1800s many countries have attempted to ban ritual slaughter.

  • Calif. board votes in student leader of BDS movement as regent

    A student leader in the anti-Israel divestment campaign at the University of California, Berkeley, was elected to serve on the University of California system’s Board of Regents.

  • A call for unity this Tisha b’Av

    In a fractured world of Jewish communities, the OU and the RCA have called for unity this Tisha b’Av

  • Trayvon Martin: ADL reacts

    The ADL has released a statement on the Trayvon Martin case.

  • It doesn’t end with Birthright

    By Samantha Altit, Courtesy of JUFNews When I left the University of Illinois at the end of the school year I didn’t realize that my summer was going to be all about Israel. I had amazing plans to visit Israel and afterwards be a part of JUF’s Lewis Summer Internship program and work in the…

  • Silver Spring attorney fights Monster over youth deaths

    By David Holzel – Senior Writer Courtesy of Washington Jewish Week Anais Fournier of Hagerstown, and Alex Morris of Oakland, Calif., lived a continent apart, but they had two things in common: they were both teenagers and they both consumed Monster Energy drinks before their sudden deaths. That’s Silver Spring attorney Kevin Goldberg’s contention. He…

  • Michael Oren’s tenure

    With Michael Oren’s tenure as Israel’s ambassador to the United States winding down, we mine the JTA Archive for some highlights of Oren’s time in Washington.

  • The Jew who wrote the lyrics Kanye West samples on ‘Blood on the Leaves’

    A Jewish communist wrote the lyrics to a song recorded by Nina Simone and now sampled by Kanye West.

  • Israel’s U.S. envoy Michael Oren to leave post

    Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, announced that he will be leaving his post this fall.