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  • The Jew who wrote the lyrics Kanye West samples on ‘Blood on the Leaves’

    A Jewish communist wrote the lyrics to a song recorded by Nina Simone and now sampled by Kanye West.

  • Agudath Israel: Rabbi Sacks needs to apologize

    Agudath Israel of America says Rabbi Jonathan Sacks doesn’t understand Judaism.

  • The Lamm Legacy

    Looking back at Rabbi Norman Lamm’s time at Yeshiva University.

  • Sending love and prayer to Reform camp

    Love and prayers from around the country are pouring in to a summer camp where three campers were hit by lightning last week.

  • Historic Pride Shabbat

    At New York’s gay and lesbian synagogue, worshipers gathered Friday night at the opening of pride weekend to celebrate a historic milestone.

  • Honoring Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

    At a recent tribute dinner, many past prime ministers praised Jonathan Sacks, the chief rabbi who is set to retire in August.

  • Jews and gays

    The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act last week gave rise to a range of Jewish responses to gay marriage. Agudath Israel of America, the haredi Orthodox umbrella group, released a terse  message asserting that, “Society’s mores may shift and crumble but eternal verities exist.” From the Reform movement came an embrace of full rights for gay…

  • Responses to same-sex marriage decisions

    Reactions to the same-sex marriage decisions.

  • Is BDS working?

    Has the BDS movement accomplished anything?

  • When the Nazis came to Skokie

    In 1978, Nazis marched in Skokie Illinois, embroiling the country in an argument about free speech.