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  • Misinterpreting History: The 2009 gay club shooting

    Israeli police made several arrests this week in connection with the killing of two Israelis at a gay community center in 2009 but determined, contrary to the widely held opinion, that the attacks were not motivated by hate.

  • Berlin rumble

    A brawl broke out at a communal meeting of Berlin Jews.

  • Who’s your mama?

    Advances in fertility technology raise a fundamental Jewish question, what role does genetics play in Jewish identity.

  • Doing away with gender

    A new bill proposed in the Knesset seeks to get rid of the gender category requirement on Israeli identity cards.

  • Bochurs on a plane

    A group of Jewish high school students on a Southwest Airlines flight was ejected for what the crew claims was disruptive behavior.

  • ‘I’m sorry I was a Nazi’

    50 years after its initial publication, ‘Account Rendered’, a memoir by a Nazi attempting to explain her past to a Jewish friend, is being republished.

  • Looking back at Lautenberg

    Frank Lautenberg, who died today at the age of 89, had a long and accomplished career advocating for Jewish issues.

  • Bar mitzvah when he’s 64

    One polish man finds out he is Jewish, not Catholic, at age 51. 13 years later he celebrates his bar mitzvah at the Western Wall.

  • U.S.-Israel relations in the wake of Jonathan Pollard

    In the wake of the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, U.S.-Israel relations took a step back, but would ultimately recoup.

  • Full of sound and fury: Bloch’s ‘Macbeth’ opera gets a rare airing

    (Courtesy of L.A. Jewish Journal – By Rick Schultz) Ernest Bloch, the renowned 20th century Swiss-born American composer, wrote just one opera, “Macbeth,” and it has rarely been produced in the United States since its 1910 Paris premiere. Now, the Long Beach Opera is presenting the opera’s first U.S. staging since John Houseman’s 1973 production,…