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  • Novelist Francesca Segal wins Sami Rohr Prize with ‘The Innocents’

    Novelist Francesca Segal won the 2013 Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish literature for her debut novel, “The Innocents.”

  • N.Y. Times reporter who uncovered Klansman’s Jewish background dies

    John McCandlish Phillips Jr., a longtime New York Times reporter who wrote about a Jewish man who became a senior Ku Klux Klan official, has died.

  • A history of kosher meat scandals

    Kosher consumers in Los Angeles are still reeling from the scandal at Doheny Glatt Kosher Meats, in which non-glatt meats (and possibly non-kosher products) were passed off as glatt, or premium kosher. This is hardly the first time kosher purveyors have been caught in the act of deception.   In 2006, wholesaler Shevach Meats of…

  • Passover: blood libels and terrorist attacks

    It’s been a blessedly quiet Passover this year. Unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case. From the Middle Ages and even well into the 20th century, Passover was a time of blood libels against the Jewish people that often resulted in deadly attacks. In 1936, for example, a band of peasants in the Polish town…

  • Helen Kutsher, a Borscht Belt matriarch, dies at 89

    Helen Kutsher, the face of her family-owned resort in the Catskill Mountains for decades, has died.

  • Israel and Turkey: A short history of a tense relationship

    On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for “operational mistakes” during the 2010 raid on a Turkish flotilla heading for Gaza. An announcement that the two nations were resuming normal diplomatic ties quickly followed. The incident that turned Turkish-Israel ties into a full-blown row came in May…

  • Rabbi Herschel Schacter, former Presidents Conference chair, dies at 95

    Rabbi Herschel Schacter, a former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, has died.

  • Comings and Goings: Reconstructionist rabbis pick gay leader, Kirschbaum leading ORT America

    Some comings and goings in the Jewish community: Rabbi Jason Klein becomes the first openly gay leader of a major American Jewish denomination’s rabbinic association and Linda Kirschbaum was elected to a three-year term as national president of ORT America.

  • James Franco takes time out of his busy schedule to make this great PSA.

    James Franco, the renaissance man of our generation, has two movies out right now. One of them, “Oz the Great and the Powerful” is the biggest movie in the world, though it has been critically panned. The other, “Spring Breakers,” is an indie darling that pushes the limits on teenage sexuality and violence. Yet, despite…

  • What Obama should do in Israel

    As President Obama begins his Middle East trip today, there’s no shortage of advice for what the president should do while he’s in town. From Washington, 77 U.S. senators signed onto a letter urging Obama to use the trip as an opportunity to show he stands by Israel. Some Israelis already are unhappy about Obama’s…