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  • FSU camps teach U.S. kids old ways

    Increasing numbers of immigrants from the former Soviet Union are eager to pass on their language and heritage to their children, and summer programs in the Old Country seem an effective way to accomplish the goal.

  • FSU schools facing budget axe

    A feared $1 million slash in the Jewish Agency for Israel’s budget for Jewish schools in the former Soviet Union would seriously impact non-Orthodox educational options, local leaders are saying.

  • Struggle over yeshiva in Belarus

    A historic yeshiva in Belarus that was returned recently to the Jewish community could be confiscated again if local Jews can’t raise $20,000 to renovate the building.

  • Jews remember Yeltsin’s historic role

    Jewish leaders agree that the community will remember Boris Yeltsin primarily as the man who ended decades of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in Russia.

  • A return to authoritarian Russia?

    Russian authorities’ manhandling of peaceful anti-government protesters in Moscow and St. Petersburg is being seen by many here as proof that the Kremlin is reverting to its authoritarian ways.

  • Hopes rise alongside Russian shul

    The Reform movement’s goal of attracting largely secular post-Soviet Jews has been limited by insufficient funding, so the building of a new synagogue in St. Petersburg is generating much excitement.

  • Taking a back seat to Chabad in Russia

    After years of bitter competition between two Jewish umbrella groups, few doubt that the Chabad-led Federation of Jewish Communities, or FEOR, has overtaken the Congress of Jewish Religious Organizations and Communities of Russia, or KEROOR, as the major

  • Money, not Muslims, concerns Uzbek Jews

    Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley is considered a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism, but a local Jewish leader says the main issue — for Jews and non-Jews alike — is the poor economy.

  • Uzbek Jews chronicle a rich past

    Vladimir Solomonovich Polykovsky is the editor in chief of the Concise Uzbekistan Jewish Encyclopedia. And don’t let the title fool you: When it’s finished, the edition is expected to fill eight volumes.

  • Olmert visit to Russia highlights Iran differences

    Russia and Israel may be on better footing than in decades past, but differences over Iran’s nuclear program still surfaced during Ehud Olmert’s visit to Moscow.