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  • Egypt to host peace summit

    Egypt will host a meeting between the Quartet and Israeli and Palestinian officials.

  • Blair blasts boycott call

    Tony Blair reassured Ehud Olmert over the proposed British boycott of Israeli academia.

  • Israeli forces kill 2

    Israeli security forces killed two Palestinians in separate operations.

  • Struggle over yeshiva in Belarus

    A historic yeshiva in Belarus that was returned recently to the Jewish community could be confiscated again if local Jews can’t raise $20,000 to renovate the building.

  • Jews remember Yeltsin’s historic role

    Jewish leaders agree that the community will remember Boris Yeltsin primarily as the man who ended decades of state-sanctioned anti-Semitism in Russia.

  • Vandals paint Star of David on Lenin

    On the eve of the 137th anniversary of Lenin’s birth, a Star of David was painted onto a large statue of the Soviet leader in southern Russia.

  • Israeli envoy plans for new French leader

    France’s next president and ministers must understand the importance of relations with Israel, Israel’s ambassador to France told JTA.

  • Israelis mark Independence Day

    Israelis began celebrating 59 years of independence Monday evening.

  • A return to authoritarian Russia?

    Russian authorities’ manhandling of peaceful anti-government protesters in Moscow and St. Petersburg is being seen by many here as proof that the Kremlin is reverting to its authoritarian ways.

  • Hopes rise alongside Russian shul

    The Reform movement’s goal of attracting largely secular post-Soviet Jews has been limited by insufficient funding, so the building of a new synagogue in St. Petersburg is generating much excitement.