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  • Ethnic profiling in Russia upsets Jews

    When hundreds rallied in Moscow to protest the Russian crackdown on Georgians, many of the protesters had yellow stars pinned to their chests.

  • During diplomatic dispute, Georgian Jews suffer

    Thousands of Georgian-born Jews who immigrated to Russia are suffering from the current diplomatic crisis between Russia and their home country.

  • Fighting religion in Russian schools

    The introduction of obligatory public-school courses on Russian Orthodox culture is causing alarm in Russia’s Jewish community.

  • Democracy, Jewish issues still linked in Russia?

    Russian Jewish leaders disagree about whether the community still benefits when attention is called to the country’s human-rights deficiencies.

  • Moscow JCC gets a boost

    A new Jewish community center slated for Moscow’s Choral Synagogue received a boost from a philanthropist known for investing in sports teams and the media.

  • Tehran Jews insist there’s Jewish future in Iran

    A group of Iranian Jewish dancers in Moscow for an arts festival insist that there is a future for Jews in Iran. Yet some of their beliefs reflect the effects of Iranian propaganda against Israel and the Holocaust.

  • Human rights ignored in Belarusian elections

    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a former Soviet collective farm manager, has been tightening the screws on dissent ahead of a presidential vote later this month in his country.

  • Demolition of Tajik shul begins

    Tajikistan’s government has begun demolishing the Central Asian nation’s only synagogue, offering in exchange a plot of land far from where most Jewish community members live.

  • Azerbaijan to upgrade Israel relations?

    The president of the Muslim nation of Azerbaijan told a group of American Jewish leaders that his country may upgrade its relations with Israel and open a trade mission there.

  • Pro-Kremlin youth group marks Holocaust day

    A Kremlin-backed youth group that previously alarmed human rights watchers with its attacks against liberal politicians has held a Holocaust-remembrance event.